Super Open House Weekend on May 16 and 17, 2015

Sibcy Cline Realtors is hosting a Super Open House weekend on May 16 and 17, 2015. Agents will be holding hundreds of open houses for the public to view. Don’t knock or ring the bell – come on in and see homes this coming weekend!

Look at open houses here.

Open House Tips
Viewing homes online can give you a good feel for a home’s interior and exterior with the photos shared, but you need to see a home in person to appreciate its location, the neighborhood and other qualities:

1. Location –  Is the home on a cul-de-sac or is it situated at a busier location? Does the home offer privacy on its lot?

2.  Neighborhood – When you buy a home, you want to make sure you will enjoy the neighborhood as well. Does the community have amenities such as a pool, club house or walking paths? Is the location near places that are important to you such as a highway or the grocery store. Will this location offer you a short work commute?

3. Floor Plan Layout – Does the home have a flowing floor plan that works for your needs? Do you prefer a first-floor or second-floor master suite? Is the lower finished or unfinished?

4.  Light and Air – Is there plenty of natural light in the home to enjoy?

5. Closets – Does the home provide adequate closet space and storage?

Open House Tips for Home Sellers

If your home is on the market, your real estate agent will probably be planning a public open house to draw in interested home buyers. Here are some tips to get your home show ready for this event:

Hide Kitty and Fido
You do not want people to be distracted by your pets. They should leave with you when you leave your home on open house day. In fact, it is best you remove all evidence that you own a pet. Food dishes, animals beds and toys should be hidden from view. If your home has a pet odor, you need to work on deodorizing.

Family Pics and Momentos
Be sure to remove your family photographs and personal momentos. If you have religious or political items, it is best to stow these pieces out of sight. The buyers need to focus on your home’s space and not your personal items.

Get Rid of Clutter
Be ruthless with your clutter. Throw it away or donate your unwanted items. The refrigerator should be clear of photos, art and other paper on the exterior door. If you have too much furniture in a room, you will need to store these pieces.

You Have To Disappear, Too!
Be sure to make plans away from your home during the open house time period. Buyers will feel uncomfortable looking at your home while you are present.

Varooom to an Open House!

It’s NASCAR Kentucky Speedway weekend! Please make a pit stop to a Sibcy Cline Open House! Here are some helpful tips to think about when looking at  Open House properties:

1. Make A Plan. When you view Open Houses on Sibcy Cline’s web site, you can select  the areas you are interested in and see what homes or condos are being held open and their time schedules.

2. Contact Your Agent! If you plan on visiting an Open House and you’re already working with a Sibcy Cline Agent, be sure to notify that person in advance. Your sales agent can be a very valuable source of information about the area and might be familiar with the individual property. (If  you visit an Open House without your agent, this may result in conferring certain rights to the salesperson who is showing you the property at the house. If you discuss this with your salesperson before your visit, you’re ensured of having the right person to look after your interests when it’s time to make an offer.)

3. Take Notes. When touring Open Houses, don’t rely totally on your memory for all of the details. Remember, it can be confusing to recall all of the particulars of the homes you see. (Your notes could include: Great hardwood floors; dated green carpeting in living room; nice perennial garden; my dream kitchen; etc.)

5. Information Sheets. While at the home you will notice flyers and additional information to promote the property. Use these fact sheets as future references.

6.  Time In The Home. Don’t feel obligated to spend time in a house you immediately know you won’t buy. This will allow extra time for the ones you like.