A Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Home Available For Sale

Buena Vista front of house
Want to live in a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home? Check out  277 Buena Vista Drive.

In 2002, Eagle Custom Homes was selected to be a partner of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to construct an organic home designed by Taliesin Architects. (Taliesan Architects was created in 1959 upon the demise of Mr. Wright and is inspired to continue his great works.) The goal was dedicated to the expressive use of materials and the well being of nature in the creation of an organic home.

Eagle Custom Homes built a home (called “Nature’s View”) that was featured in Homearama that year at Vista Pointe, located at River’s Bend in Lebanon.

Kit LR2

Organic Home
227 Buena Vista was designed as an integrated entity including the site, interior space and its relationship with the exterior. The feel of the home is an “at-one with the environment” and this is very apparent with its hillside location overlooking an expansive valley.

Architect Anthony Puttnam (who was once an apprentice of Wright) oversaw the Homearama project from drawing board to landscaping, just as Wright made a practice of doing.


He took a horizontal approach to the design, opening it to views of the Little Miami River valley below. Natural materials such as flagstone, copper and wood are used throughout the interior and exterior, and earthy colors complement the surroundings. There are many design elements found in the home, from the graduated-stain paneling in the office, contemporary built-ins in the master bedroom, to the strong, bold fabrics selected for the built-in living room sofa.

This home offers all of the appeal of a Frank Lloyd Wright home with all of the modern amenities that one expects for today’s living. And, it can be yours!