Cincy Summer Streets Coming to Walnut Hills, Northside and Over-the-Rhine

Cincy Summer Streets
opens up local streets for everyone to play, walk, bike, dance and connect with neighbors. The idea is to open streets for play during the day! Lots of activities will be offered including: art making, dancing, children’s activities and exercise classes.

Walnut Hills
July 18, 2015
11am – 3pm
Part of McMillan Street (between Chatham Street and Victory Parkway) will be closed.

August 23, 2015
11am – 3pm
The section of Hamilton Avenue (between Pullan Avenue and Hoffner Street/Spring Grove Avenue) will be closed.

September 26, 2015
11am -3pm
Part of Pleasant Street will be closed (from West 14th Street to West Elder Street)

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Watch a video from 2014 :

Washington Park Is One of the 5 Coolest New Parks in the U.S.

Statue_4Washington Park
Cincinnati’s Washington Park made the “5 Coolest New Parks and Public Spaces in the US” by the Urban Land Institute. The organization reviewed aesthetics and financial data. Washington Park was sited for its ability to partner with the revitalization of Over-the-Rhine on its eight-acre site.

See the article here.

Upcoming events in Washington Park

  • November 28 and 29 – Caroling in the Park
  • November 29- Santa’s Workshop
  • December 5 – Caroling in the Park
  • December 6 – Santa’s Workshop
  • December 12 – Light up OVR and Caroling in the Park
  • December 13 – Santa’s Workshop, City Flea Unwrapped Market and Caroling in the Park
  • December 19 – Caroling in the Park
  • December 20 – Santa’s Workshop and Caroling in the Park

Get Your Lederhosen Ready, Cincinnati!

Mark your calendars. The first US-based store for clothing manufacturer Wiesnkoenig has opened up in Over-the-Rhine. What? You’re not familiar with the official lederhosen manufacturer for the Munich Oktoberfest? Well my friend, that’s about to change! A change you may see coming to some pants near you!

Wiesnkoenig has decided to expand their locations outside of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, choosing Cincinnati as its next target.

Now you may be wondering, why choose Cincinnati as the place for your first US-based store. And that would be a good question. But the answer’s obvious when we turn to another Cincinnati classic: Oktoberfest Zinzinnati.

From September 19-21, Tri-State residents will revel in all things German. As long as we confine “all things” to mean food, drink, music, and (now) lederhosen. More than 500,000 people will attend this year, and according to Cinci Magazine local residents will consume more than 23,000 soft pretzels, 80,500 Bratwurst, and 3,604 lbs of Sauerkraut during Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. To put those numbers into context, let’s break them down a bit:

  • 23,000 soft pretzels would be enough to fill about 4 “average” sized in-ground swimming pools. (You don’t want to know how many soft pretzels I had to bake to figure that out…)
  • If we took all the Bratwurst we’ll eat during Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, and laid it end to end, we’d have enough Bratwurst to cover 6.8 miles of I-71.
  • And we’ll eat enough sauerkraut to equal just under the weight of the typical American car (4,000 lbs).

Both Oktoberfest Zinzinnati and the opening of Wiesnkoenig’s newest store are just one more link in Cincinnati’s long history with German culture and traditions. Which is also why our region was the first to receive an authentic Hofbrauhaus outside of Munich.

Pam and Rob Sibcy, Robin Sheakley, Bill Borek, Jim Stofko and Bob Mahoney were looking quite stylish in lederhosen and dirndls.

Pam and Rob Sibcy, Robin Sheakley, Bill Borek, Jim Stofko and Bob Mahoney are looking very stylish in lederhosen and dirndls.

So in the coming days, let’s make sure to embrace our German traditions that Cincinnati (or in some cases Northern Kentucky) has. So before heading out this weekend, grab your favorite pair of lederhosen. And according to Wiesnkoenig, you don’t need the suspenders to rock out the lederhosen. But if you’re not going to do that, at least eat your fair share of sauerkraut.

Cincinnati Has a Top Emerging Downtown Per Forbes Magazine

Cincinnati, Ohio

Forbes Magazine created a list of the top emerging U.S. downtowns and Cincinnati, Ohio made the list. The publication noted that younger, college-educated professionals are drawn to urban neighborhoods that are close to their work and offer entertainment and shopping nearby.

Cincinnati’s downtown area offers:

  • $1.3 billion in construction projects currently underway or in the planning stages
  • 2.6 mile streetcar under construction that will connect the business center to Over-the-Rhine, the area’s residential district
  • 45-acre riverfront park (Smale Park)
  • The Banks with housing, entertainment and more
  • Horseshoe Casino

Cincinnati’s downtown residential population has increased 12% since 2011 to 13,000 people.

Read the Forbes’ article here.

Cincinnati, Ohio is a Hip Place To Visit


Cincinnati is hip according to Hip Green Scene, a web-based travel guide that promotes “hip” local areas to visit. The site has a feature story on visiting Cincinnati and cites the underground brewery tours, Night Owl Market and City Flea as just a few of the fun “hip” things to do. The website also loves Bakerfield OTR (as does this blogger – yum! yum!) for its fabulous tacos.

CIty Flea
This monthly outdoor flea market is so much fun. Go to Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine and you will find anything and everything – from vintage items to crafts to plants to food and so much more. Enjoy the beauty of the park and have fun shopping.

Night Owl Market
The Night Owl Market is located at the corner of Main Street and Central Parkway in Over-the-Rhine. The marketplace has food trucks, food booths and artists who are selling their items. The market is open the final Friday of each month from 10pm – 3am through November. (Yawn – cannot imagine shopping at 3am, but if you are a night owl, this is the venue for you!)

Underground Brewery Tours
This blogger is definitely doing a brewery tour this summer. It has been rated as one of the top 3 local tours for CityBeat’s Best of Cincinnati. There are two 1.5 hour tours to choose from during the warmer months and you get to see a network of underground cellars.

Shake It Records
Have you ever been to Shake It Records in Northside? It’s a music shop with a focus on Cincinnati musicians. Besides selling cds and records they also have a record label, too.

These are only a few of the interesting places and restaurants in Cincinnati that make it so hip. Be sure to read the entire article here because there is information about many fun things to do throughout the entire city.

Want to follow Hip Green Scene’s updates? Go here.

HalfCut – A Craft Beer Cafe in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati


Have you ever heard of a beer cafe? Me either, but there is one opening soon in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Called HalfCut, it is owned by the same people who own the Pedal Wagon. (See a former blog article about venture here.) The cafe will offer craft brews and pints of beer along with some light snacks. Or, you can grab a six-pack-to-go from a window.

Look for this new business to open at the end of January 2014. It is located at:

1128 Walnut Street
Gobrecht Building

Read more about HalfCut here in an article from

Here is a YouTube video about HalfCut:

City Apple Festival At Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati – November 2, 2013



Mark your calendars! The City Apple Festival is scheduled for November 2, 2013 (11am -6pm) at Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This is the first time for this event. Area farmers will be brining their apples and other produce for you to try. And there will be many local food vendors with their fall recipes. Nothing like a crisp apple on a crisp day!

This blogger’s favorite apple is the “Honey Crisp”. What’s yours?

Apple Information
Apples originated in Central Asia and were brought into Europe and later transported to North America by colonists.  There are 7,500 culitvars of apples. China produces almost half of all of the world’s supply of apples followed by the U.S.

An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Where did this phrase originate? Apples are very healthy. They are low in calories and have antioxidants, flavonoids and fiber. It’s a good source of Vitamin C and have phenols that help with lowering cholesterol. Apples reduce tooth decay by killing bacteria and cleaning teeth.

However, this phrase has been documented back to 1866 (when the above information was not yet discovered): Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread. So, even way back when, people knew just how healthy it was to munch on an apple!