Colors To Avoid and Use in Your Home

Paintbrushes Dripping into Paint Containers

Painting the walls of your home is one of the most economic ways to make a change in home decor. Here are some thoughts about color trends to consider before painting:

Sunny Yellow
A bright, lemon yellow is a fatiguing color to look at when used on all four walls. Since it is such a bright color, the eyes are overstimulated and cause irritation. This color is a high attention getter and should be used sparingly. On a positive note, yellow is considered to be a cheerful color.

Greige = Grey Meets Beige
If you use grey on your walls (which is a growing trend), be sure to avoid beige accessories and instead pull in colors such as greens or pinks. Glass and metal are good in grey rooms as they can add sparkle and help to bounce light around the room.

Cocoa Brown with Tiffany Blue
This color combination has been overused and is considered to be a “tired” look. Instead, consider adding silver or golds to that brown and blue palette.

Trendy Colors
If the color is trendy, it will soon be out of favor. If you like a trendy color, use it sparingly.

What Colors Look Good?
White and pale colors are strong in a light-filled room. Warmer and darker shades improve a room that does not get much light.

How To Select Colors For Your Home

  • Keep in mind the color of the floor. A red wall will look different when next to light oak than darker-stained floors.
  • Select a color that compliments the furnishings or art already in the room.
  • No interesting architecture in the room? Saturated color looks best and adds drama to a not-so-interesting room.

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