Americans Are Ready to Buy a Home

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The Pultegroup Home Index conducted a survey about the U.S. economy and current housing conditions. Here are the results:

  • 74% Feel the economy has remained steady or improved in the last year
  • 57% Think now is a good or excellent time to purchase items they want or need
  • 71% of Move-up buyers intend to purchase a home in the future
  • 85% of Millennials¬†intend to purchase a home in the future
  • 70% of home shoppers plan to spend as much money on their next home
  • 64% of home shoppers prefer to spend on a home that is move-in ready

Says the report, “For the first time in years, Americans have a growing sense of optimism that the housing market is improving, and that these positive changes may be sustainable. This favorable outlook is giving them the confidence to pursue more meaningful, big-picture life opportunities they may have otherwise put on hold…

“Whether it’s a first-time or move-up buyer…purchasing a home is a major life decision and Americans are recognizing the importance of maximizing what they view as a long-term investment… They’re aiming to create value in a home that meets their specific wants and needs… and if that means spending more money, they’re willing to do so because of confidence in the market.”