Sibcy Cline Realtors at The Realty Alliance Meeting in Boston, MA

Bob Mahoney, Robin Sheakley and Rob Sibcy

Bob Mahoney, Robin Sheakley and Rob Sibcy

Fenway Park in Boston

Fenway Park in Boston

Rob Sibcy and Robin Sheakley

Rob Sibcy and Robin Sheakley

Robin Sheakley, Bob Mahoney and Rob Sibcy attended The Realty Alliance meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. This organization is a network of North America’s elite real estate companies, with members serving most major market areas on the continent. The group shares real estate ideas and solutions. Robin is currently serving as a board member of this organization.

While in Boston, Robin, Bob and Rob took a tour of Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium which was constructed in 1912. Little known facts: The Red Sox have a patent on the paint color “Fenway” green. And, the team’s scoreboard is one of the last manually operated systems.

Robin Sheakley, author  Hal Gregersen and Rob Sibcy

Robin Sheakley, author Hal Gregersen and Rob Sibcy

The three met author Hal Gregersen while at the meeting. Hal is a professor of leadership at INSEAD, one of the world’s leading graduate business schools. Look at some of his business strategy books here.

Kindness at Work


We spend most of our waking hours at our jobs – is kindness displayed where you work?

Sibcy Cline agents impact people’s lives every day. They help people reach that dream of a new home. Or, they assist in the sale of a home so someone can move on to a new home, new city or new life.

Why do they do it? They love helping people.

And, by making a conscientious decision to work with kindness, they help make some of the stressful aspects of purchasing or selling a home, into more positive situations. A genuine smile and positive attitude does work miracles.

Lyn Watson in a Character First blog wrote about “10 Ways to Show Kindness at Work”. Here they are:

  1. Smile
  2. Never begin a sentence with YOU
  3. Encourage others
  4. Focus on others and less on self
  5. Choose words wisely
  6. Ask questions
  7. Listen more and talk less
  8. Watch your tone
  9. Be intentional with body language
  10. Control emotions

Read this very interesting blog article here and learn more details about these 10 ways to  be a kinder person in your job.

Would you enjoy helping people find their dream home? If you have thought about a career in real estate sales, then contact Sibcy Cline Recruiter/Career Specialist Amanda Dole at 513-985-1221 or

Home Buying Tips – Searching for that Dream Home


Here are some tips to consider while searching for your dream home:

First Things First. How Much Home Can You Afford?
Most people need to finance a home purchase and require a mortgage loan. You need to understand the different types of home mortgage loans available and which type of loan best fits your situation.

Your Mortgage Loan Officer will be able to establish how much home you can afford and how to budget for insurance and other costs.

Funds for Down Payment and More
You will need to set aside money to make a down payment as well as have funds available for other needs such as closing costs.

Value the Knowledge of Your Real Estate Agent
Your agent will be your guide to making a good decision with your home purchase. That professional will:

  •  Inform you of new homes on the market
  • Schedule personal home showings and tour homes with you, as well as give you detailed information about those homes
  • Prepare home market analysis of the area you are interested in
  • Provide negotiating skills when it comes time to make an offer and write a contract
  • Guide you through the entire purchasing process from home showings to the closing table

Where Do You Want to Live?
You will need to do research on where you want to live and what neighborhood amenities are important to you. Do you need a home…

  • Close to work?
  • Close to public transportation?
  • Located in a walkable neighborhood?
  • With a large yard or no yard?
  • With easy access to highways?
  • Located in a neighborhood with certain features? See a former blog about this topic here.

Is It Really Your Dream Home?

  • Be prepared. The current real estate market is seeing multiple offers on homes. Your offer might need to be aggressive or you will need to be willing to wait for another home.
  • Homes are not sitting on the market long – you may need to make a decision quickly about making an offer.
  • Do not become too attached to a home too early. Your dream home may not look so dreamy once you have a whole-house inspection and find major issues.
  • An appraisal sets a market for the home value. Your dream home will need to appraise based on comparable sales in the area. If it does appraise well, you will either need to have enough cash to make up the difference or rethink your offer to purchase the home.

You need to look at all of the details about the house and make a smart decision. 

Make the search for a home a positive adventure! Have fun looking into homes (on the Internet) and in person. Prioritize your list of home features and note which ones are non negotiable.

Keep a journal about your home search and include notes on the homes you have visited. This log will help you narrow down the most important features you are searching for in your next dream home.







Forbes Forecast for Real Estate: Home Prices, Mortgage Rates and Home Inventory


Forbes has published an in-depth article about the real estate market’s forecast for the second half of 2013. The housing recovery is looking to continue making positive strides:

Housing Recovery To Date 

  • 38% increase in new home sales throughout the U.S. with a five-year high in home sales in June
  • 15% increase in previously owned U.S. homes – 15% higher than sales from 2012
  • 12% increase in home prices in 20 market areas from 2012 – These prices are considered to be a market adjustment and are not “housing bubble pricing”. They are still low relative to the height-of-market prices of 2006

Predictions for Second Half of 2013

  • Home prices to continue to rise (anywhere from 6% to 12% expected)
  • Currently, the tight inventory of homes on the market has spurred on a brisk sales market and this trend is expected to continue into fall 2013
  • Housing shortage to continue? Some economists forecast a housing shortage for the next three years while others are foreseeing the current sales pace to slow somewhat (toward the end of 2013) with increased inventory of homes available for sale and higher mortgage rates
  • Mortgage rates are expected to continue to climb, but are not jump high in value – housing will still remain affordable for buyers
  • Mortgage credit is expected to loosen up, making it easier for buyers to obtain a mortgage
  • Foreclosures are expected to decrease and short sales to increase
  • Investment into real estate is expected to increase

Read the Forbes article here.

Affluent and Young Home Buyers on the Rise


Who can afford a luxury home? Some Gen Ys can.

A segment of the Millennial generation are in the market to purchase higher-priced, luxury homes. These buyers in their 20s and early 30s and have the financial means to purchase one or more homes. They are enjoying the current real estate market’s benefits of lower mortgage interest rates and lower home prices. They are purchasing luxury homes for personal use as well as investment purposes for the future.

Read an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about this type of home buyer – the second largest group of recent home buyers.




Buying a Home Now? Buy Two!


Buy two homes? That is what John Paulson, a hedge-fund investor, says. Why? Paulson believes that housing will continue to grow for the next four to seven years and says, “The housing market has bottomed. It’s not too late to get involved. I still think buying a home is the best investment any individual can make. Affordability is still an all-time high.”

Paulson made a lot of money in 2007 forecasting that the subprime mortgage situation would not fair well for the real estate market.

Read more about this from The KCM Blog here and CNN Money here.

Sibcy Cline Insurance Services Makes the Top Largest Tri-State Property and Casualty Insurance Agencies Business Courier List


The Business Courier has posted its annual list of the largest Tri-state property and casualty insurance agencies and Sibcy Cline Insurance Services made this list.

Sibcy Cline Insurance offers homeowners, automobile, personal umbrella liability, life and business insurance. It represents these fine insurance companies:

  • Travelers
  • Frankenmuth
  • Foremost
  • MetLife
  • State Auto

Sibcy Cline Luxury Homes Ad in the Wall Street Journal

05.24.13 Sibcy-Ohio

Be sure to pick up a Wall Street Journal on Friday, May 24, 2013. Sibcy Cline has a full-page ad in the mansions section of the Ohio regional version of this newspaper. This advertisement promotes 30 of Sibcy Cline’s higher-end, Luxury Portfolio International properties.

Luxury Portfolio International is the luxury face of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest global network of independent real estate companies. Sibcy Cline is a long-time member of this organization and a selected partner with Luxury Portfolio.

Sibcy Cline’s high-end, luxury listings are promoted on the Luxury Portfolio website which is marketed to high-end consumers worldwide. Sibcy Cline’s listings average 50,000 property impressions monthly on this website. View all of Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Portfolio listings here.

Luxury Portfolio International markets over 25,000 homes annually with an average price over $2.5 million. Properties viewed on the website can be converted into multiple foreign languages and currencies. The site has visits from over 200 countries monthly.

Home Prices and Homes Sales on the Rise in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Dayton, Ohio


April 2013 saw home prices and home sales rise throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. The statistics show a continuing trend of the stabilization of the real estate market for our region.

Cincinnati April Statistics

  • $121,000 Media sale price – 6.6% increase from April 2012
  • 1,919 Home sold – 24.1% increase from April 2012
  • 10,148 Number of homes for sale on the market  – 15.3% decrease from April 2012

Northern Kentucky Statistics

  • $131,500 Average sale price – 4% increase from April 2012
  • 469 Homes sold – 17.25% increase from April 2012
  • 5.9% decrease in the number of homes for sale on the market as compared to April 2012

Dayton Statistics

  • $124,000 Average sale price – .9% increase from April 2012
  • 14.5% Increase in homes sales as compared to April 2012
  • Dayton, Ohio has posted 22 month of continuous sales gains – This is the longest time period of uninterrupted growth in 16 years

Southeast Indiana Statistics

  • $101,000 Median sale price – 15% decrease from April 2012
  • 85 Homes sold – 16.4% increase from April 2012

Dayton, Ohio Boasts Being a Top Area for College Graduates!


USA Today produced a report on the top metro areas that draw in college graduates. Dayton, Ohio made the top 60 metro area list. Dayton had a 30% increase in college-educated people aged 20 to 30 years old between 2006 and 2011. It has 23,000 such college grads with 80% of these people employed.

The data for this report is from the American Community Survey conducted by the Census Bureau.

Read the article about this news from the Dayton Business Journal here.