New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

CalendarMany of us make resolutions to better ourselves in the new year and that concept may carry over well into our homes. Here are a couple of home-related resolutions you to consider for 2015.

1. Declutter/Organize
People typically wait for spring cleaning to clean out that closet or catch-all room; but why wait for spring? With cold weather and potential snow, January can be a great time to stay inside and get organized. If the job seems overwhelming, start small. Pick one room a month and work on it an hour or two a week. You might be surprised how much difference you’ll make by the time spring comes around.

2. Weekly Cleaning System
A couple of tips I’ve found helpful to keeping my home clean all the time include:
– Keeping all cleaning supplies in one location
– Focus on one type of cleaning at a time. It’s faster. Instead of cleaning room to room,      vacuum, dust or clean windows in the whole house, one task at a time.

3. Become More Energy Efficient
Easy things like turning off lights and unplugging unused electronics can go a long way over a year. Programmable thermostats, low-flow shower heads, and energy efficient light bulbs are also easy and relatively cheap changes too. Newer energy efficient windows and appliances are bigger projects, but may offer the biggest savings and reduction in energy usage.

4. Remodel a Room
A room remodel can seem like a tall (and expensive) task to tackle, but starting with a fresh coat of paint can be a cheap and quick start. Also imagine your dream kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, then create a budget so you can decide what features are most important.

So what’s your Home New Year’s resolution?

The Top 10 Remodeling Projects for Your Home


Get out that level and hammer, because it’s time to think about home improvements. For the first time in six years, the overall average cost-value ration has improved – reaching 60%!

If you want the best return on your remodeling investment, then consider these projects before you’re ready to sell your home:

Midrange National Costs

Garage Door Replacement

  • Cost – $1,496
  • Resale Value – $1,132
  • 76.70% Cost recouped

Vinyl Siding Replacement

  • Cost – $11,192
  • Resale Value – $8,154
  • 72.90% Cost recouped

Attic Bedroom

  • Cost – $47,919
  • Resale Value – $34,916
  • 72.90% Cost recouped

Window Replacement (Wood)

  • Cost – $10,708
  • Resale Value – $7,852
  • 73.30% Cost recouped

Window Replacement (Vinyl)

  • Cost – $9,770
  • Resale Value – $6,961
  • 71.20% Cost recouped

Major Kitchen Remodel

  • Cost – $53,931
  • Resale Value – $37,139
  • 68.90% Cost recouped

Entry Door Replacement (Steel)

  • Cost – $1,137
  • Resale Value – $974
  • 85.60% Cost recouped

Deck Addition (Wood)

  • Cost – $9,327
  • Resale Value – $7,213
  • 77.30% Cost recouped

Basement Remodel

  • Cost – $61,303
  • Resale Value – $43,095
  • 70.30% Cost recouped

It’s always a good idea to contact your Sibcy Cline Agent before starting a major project to get their professional input on how you should proceed to improve or move!

If you need assistance with any type of home improvement, contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They are available to provide service recommendations for all of your home-related needs.

Information source: Cost vs Value Report 2013 by the National Association of Realtors and Remodeling Magazine. Graphic from: California Association of Realtors. Go here to see the entire report.