Sibcy Cline Insurance on WLW Radio!

Cindy Alexander

Jamie Cecil

With all of the terrible area storms from last Friday, 700WLW (The Big One) was in deep discussion all day about how insurance fits into the picture when homes are destroyed by tornadoes or other natural disasters.

Cindy Alexander and Jamie Cecil of Sibcy Cline Insurance Services were asked to participate on live  talk radio for two programs on Monday, March 5, 2012:

In the morning, Jamie and Cindy spoke to Scott Sloan. The segment was called: “Insurance After A Disaster”. Listen to the podcast here! (This segment covered how insurance companies go about to replace people’s belongings when everything is destroyed in a natural disaster such as a tornado. The talk went on further to discuss all kinds of insurance situations including water, wind and even locusts!)

In the afternoon, they talked to Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones  for the Eddy and Tracy show: “Where Do They Go From Here?” Eddie and Tracy asked about the insurance process that follows a disaster, including how insurance mobile units go directly to disaster areas quickly to help people out. Listen to this podcast.