Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home in Autumn

It’s autumn – a beautiful time of year to enjoy, especially when the leaves are bursting with color. If you are selling your home at this time of year, use the season to your advantage when staging it and add curb appeal:

Fall Debris
With the fall season comes falling leaves. Make sure your gutters are free of debris. You will also need to be diligent about keeping the lawn and sidewalk free of leaves. You may want to invest in a leaf blower to make this chore go more quickly.

Your summer flowers should be pulled or trimmed. If the weather is still warm, consider planting some fall plants such as mums, asters or marigolds.

Tasteful fall decor can add appeal to your home’s exterior. Things look best placed in three’s. These little touches will make your home look warmer and more inviting.

When daylight hours are shorter, be sure to have adequate lighting for evening showings.

Be sure to keep up on your fall exterior home maintenance list: Touch up paint. Cover up and fill and holes. Store your lawn equipment. Turn off exterior water faucets.

Need Inspiration?
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Successfully Sell Your Home This Fall

Old street lamp in the park at autumn. Toned image.Is fall the right time to sell your home? Yes, it is! Given the demand for homes in today’s market, you’re still likely to generate a lot of interest from would-be buyers.

There is a different approach to selling in the fall because the real estate market traditionally changes from its summer buying patterns. Here are ways to make your home stand out from the crowd when selling during the fall season:

Appeal to the Fall Buyer
One of the biggest things to keep in mind at this time of year is the most likely demographics for buyers will be either a younger millennial and people who are looking for a change after their own kids moved out. People with school-aged children are not as motivated to buy a home in autumn since their kids are already settled in at school.

Highlighting the kinds of home features that will appeal to your likely buyers may be a good way to market your home. Home office space, a guest bedroom or even easy access to local attractions are features that millennials and empty nesters will be drawn towards.

Photos of Your Home
For marketing purposes schedule your home to be photographed while the autumn leaves are still on trees and the light is still strong during the day. This can really make a house feel warm and homey – and is much better than the dim, thinner light that comes along in early winter. Brown grass just does not look as nice as a green lawn.

In addition, your home’s staged decor should reflect the season. Pumpkins and gourds nicely displayed on a front porch look welcoming. Light fall interior decor also adds a nice touch. Create a cozy (yet uncluttered) atmosphere. See our Fall Decorating Ideas Pinterest board for ideas.

Highlight What’s Nice
Entice fall home buyers by showcasing your home’s high-efficiency heating system and automated thermostat (that also improves efficiency with easier controls). A little expenditure on weather stripping or a new thermostat can really help to wow prospective buyers.

Make your home brighter for open houses (which might not always be easy given how gray some fall days can be.) Add mirrors and install brighter light bulbs to help your home from feeling dark and dreary. Be sure to keep lights on and open the drapes for showing appointments.

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Four Smart Home Selling Tips for the Fall

We all know that spring and summer are typically the hottest seasons of the year for the real estate market. However, this doesn’t mean that deals can’t be made during the fall and winter, especially with September right around the corner.

For home sellers across the country, the fall can be the perfect time to list a home. This is due to several reasons, including:

  • More favorable mortgage rates
  • Less competition
  • Motivated buyers

In fact, sellers can use the fall to their advantage, assuming they know what buyers are looking for. Here are four home selling tips that will help any seller get their property noticed this fall:

  1. Capitalize on fall sensations
    The fall is a very sensational season, so to speak. From sights – foliage, warm autumn colors – to smells – baked goods, warm cider – the fall invokes “sense memory” which can affect emotional decision making. Sellers can capitalize on this phenomena by including some of fall’s classic sights and smells around the home. It could be as simple as baking a pie before an open house or decorating the outside to look like the quintessential fall home. Either way, the listing should invoke buyers’ memories of falls past.
  2. Fix up the property
    Winter is the worst season to make home repairs, and buyers in the fall have this coldest season bearing down on them. This can make many wary of homes with needed repairs, even if they are minor. For sellers, it is much better to make the home move-in ready, so fall buyers don’t have to worry about any issues through the winter. A home that is in great shape will likely sell faster than one that isn’t, especially in the fall.
  3. Find the right price
    The home’s price is incredibly important, no matter the season. However, the fall simply makes the right price that much more valuable. This is because the buyers in the market are there for a reason. They typically want to move fast, and they will move on from a listing if the price is just too high. While high prices can work in the hottest buying seasons, in the fall it is better to price competitively the first time around. This will help bring in more buyers and it will mean the listing stands out from the crowd.
  4. Focus on curb appeal
    Curb appeal is a must for any seller, but it is especially important in the fall. With the leaves, the turning foliage, the browner grass and even frost and ice, the fall can make it hard to get that picture-perfect curb appeal. Thankfully, it is possible. Sellers just have to be extra vigilant and treat their yard like it is still the summer. This may require a few extra lawn days during the week, but it will be worth it when the home sells.

While conventional wisdom says that home selling should take place in the spring and summer, this isn’t always the case. Now that it’s August, sellers are far from being locked out of the market. On the contrary, they can take advantage of the fall buying season, with less competition, more eager buyers and many other benefits.

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