Should You Decorate Your Home with Seasonal Decor When it is For Sale?

It’s fall and a wonderful time of year to decorate your home with autumnal leaves, pumpkins and Halloween decor. If your home is on the market to sell – is it really a good idea to have holiday decorations around your home?

When Your Home Is Photographed to be Marketed
If you have just listed your home to sell, consider waiting to pull out the fall decorations until after it has been photographed for marketing purposes. Seasonal decor definitely adds a “time stamp” to photos and those pumpkins and skeletons that appear will cue buyers as to what time of year it was listed. This would not be advantageous if such images are viewed in off-season months.


Once Your Home Is Photographed
After your home has been photographed, it is safe to decorate and enjoy some holiday happiness.

Less is More
Think about sticking to sophisticated seasonal decor – nothing outlandish that will detract buyers from viewing your home’s features. Think understated. Save your over-the-top decor for next year when you are enjoying your new home.

Keep it Secular
Overly religious decor may be a turn off to some buyers.

Keep it Safe
Make sure the decor does not impede the walking path for buyers touring your home.

Read a Forbes article with more tips about showcasing holiday decor when selling your home here.