Over One Million Impressions of Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Homes for Sale on Luxury Portfolio International’s Website in One Year!

LPMainWebSite.pngSibcy Cline’s luxury listed homes not only have the best promotion on the company’s local website, but receive even more exposure worldwide with Luxury Portfolio International. In the past year, over one million property impressions were made from that website to Sibcy Cline’s high-end properties.

This luxury home website is affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest global network of independent real estate companies. The website promotes over 50,000 high-end homes worldwide from 200 of their affiliate members from 60 countries and 800 major cities.

Sibcy Cline’s luxury properties promoted on Luxury Portfolio (from January 2016 through January 2017) had 1,027,281 property impressions (property views + exposures); 144,633 property views; and 883,648 exposures through searches.

A total of 121 foreign countries viewed Sibcy Cline’s luxury homes. The top 9 were:
United Kingdom (39.2% of all foreign views); Ukraine; Germany; China; Denmark; Italy; Canada; Republic of Korea; and Russia.

Sibcy Cline’s listings were translated into 13 foreign currencies on Luxury Portfolio: New Zealand Dollars, Australian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Mexican Pesos, Euro, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, South African Rand, Russian Rubles, Aruba Guilders, Sweden Kronor Sweden Ringgits and Barbados Dollars.

The listings were also translated into 8 foreign languages:

  • Traditional Chinese (8,443 translations)
  • German (2,123 transaltions)
  • Japanese (2,021 translations)
  • Portuguese (1,778 translations)
  • Spanish (1,738 translations
  • Italian (1,702 translations)
  • Russian (1,674 translations)
  • French (1,608 translations

Exposure of listings through the United States
Sibcy Cline listings received views from all 50 U.S. states. The top 10 states were: Ohio, New Jersey, California, Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia and Florida.

GlobalReach.pngLuxuryPortfolio.com averages 125,000 monthly visitors who look at homes on the site for approximately 12 minutes. Visitors to the site have an average household income of $1.12 million and 53% own a second home.

View Sibcy Cline’s luxury listings on LuxuryPortfolio.com.