Walnut Hills in Cincinnati, Ohio is a Soapbox.com Neighborhood Feature


Cincinnati, Ohio has so many wonderful, established neighborhoods to explore and learn about. Soapbox.com is writing weekly “Hot ‘Hoods” articles and has a great piece about Walnut Hills. Go here to read this article.

What’s going on in Walnut Hills?

What kind of homes will you find in Walnut Hills? All types. This area has a wide spread of price ranges from starter-priced homes to expansive, historic mansions. There are many older homes which are beautiful old gems to behold with stunning, hand-crafted details, but you will also find newer homes and lifestyle condominiums being built in the area.

See Walnut Hills homes available for sale here.

Note from this blogger: My favorite street of homes in Cincinnati is located in Walnut Hills along Beech Crest Lane off of Madison Road.