Southeast Indiana Home Sales Were Up for 2012!

2012 home sales in Southeastern Indiana have increased from 2011:

Southeastern Indian Board of Realtors (SEIBR) statistics show…

  • Unit Volume Increased  – 942 vs 821
  • $ Volume Increased   – $120.5 million vs $102.5 million
  • Median Sale Price Increased  – $120,000 vs $118,000
  • Days on Market for Sold Homes Decreased  – 152 vs 163

In 2012, Sibcy Cline’s Realtors sold Southeastern Indiana homes in the shortest possible time at the highest possible price…

  • Sibcy Cline’s Median Sale Price – $157,800  ($37,800 above the overall SEIBR median sales)
  • Sibcy Cline’s Days On Market -139 (13 days below overall SEIBR sales)

Source: SEIBR MLS Home Sold Report dated 1/4/13 (1/1/12-12/31/12)

November Housing Sales Stats for Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton Looking Strong!

Home sales in November were looking strong in all of Sibcy Cline’s market areas of Greater Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. Total local home sales outpaced the national increase of 14.5%.

Greater Cincinnati Home Sales

  • 1,546 home sales – 24.3% increase from November 2011
  • Sales volume – 30% increase from November 2011
  • Average sale price-  4.6% increase to $153,994

Says Tom Hasselbeck, President of the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors® (and the Sibcy Cline Fairfield VP/Sales Manager), “The continued, upward momentum of Cincinnati home sales is a strong indicator that our local economy is on the road to recovery. As long as the inventory of home remains lows, this will continue to put upward pressure on home prices. Add in our current interest rates, which remain at historic lows and you have a great environment for buying and selling a home.”

High-End Market for Cincinnati – 2012

  • 58 homes priced $1+ million sold (57 such homes sold in 2011)
  • In November 2012, two homes priced at more than $3 million sold

Northern Kentucky Homes Sales

  • 391 home sales – 5.4% increase from November 2011
  • Sales volume – 5.2% decrease from November 2011
  • Average sale price  – 10% decrease from November 2011

Dayton Home Sales

  • 894 home sales – 22% increase from November 2011
  • Sales volume – 28.8% increase from November 2011
  • Average sale price – 5.2% increase to $121,748

The Dayton real estate market has seen improvement in its sales for the 10 of 11 months in 2012. There are 4.5% fewer homes listed on the market in November than the month prior. With 6,889 listings, this is the lower number of inventory since March 2005. States the Business Journal, “A declining inventory can indicate continued increases in both home sales and prices.”

Ohio Home Sales Activity

  • 9,254 Home sales – 23.6% increase from November 2011
  • Sales volume- 35.1% increase from November 2011
  • Average price ($135.392) – 8.5% increase from November 2011

Ohio Home Sales Year-To-Date (January – November 2012)

  • 104,001 home sales – 14.0% increase from 2011
  • Sales volume – 20.2% increase from 2011
  • Average sale prices ($135,460) – 5.1% increase from 2011

National Home Sales

Nationally, home sales increased 14.% in November. These sales were the highest seen in three years and are a sign of a recovery of the housing market. Read more statistics about the national real estate market here.

Home Sales Are Up, Up, Up!

Home sales are up for CIncinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton!

Closed home sales are up. Pending sales are up. Average prices are up. Interest Rates are low. Consumer confidence is on the rise!

Cincinnati, Ohio
For the fifth month in a row, Cincinnati has reported double-digit increases in sales.

  • 2,438 homes sold in August with an increase of almost 16% as compared to last year
  • This rate of sales was higher than the national sales average of 9.3%
  • August 2012 had the highest number of sales in five years in Cincinnati
  • Average sales price rose 2.1% from last year at the same time

Northern Kentucky
The Northern Kentucky real estate market had 498 homes sold in August which was an increase of 11.4% from last year.

  • Sales volume for August was up 19.4%
  • Average sale price increased 7.2% to $150,100

Dayton, Ohio
Dayton saw a surge of 135 increase in sales for August!

  • 1,120 homes sold in August
  • Sales volume increased 22% from last year

Sibcy Cline Open House Spectacular – February 25 & 26!

Sibcy Cline Realtors is hosting a company-wide “Sibcy Cline Open House Spectacular” on Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26, 2012 . The public is invited to visit open houses and see listed properties throughout the area.

Sibcy Cline Realtors expects to have 400 open houses throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. Log onto for an updated schedule of the area open houses.

Open house views to our  website have been rising. Since January 1, 2012 the company has logged:

  • 231,000 total open house visits online
  • Averaging 33,000 weekly open house visits online

These online visits are an 18.28% increase in web traffic when compared to the same time period in 2011. The company saw its highest online open house traffic week in February 2012 since April, 2011.

Sibcy Cline’s website averages 23,000 visits daily. Visitors look at 156,000+ listed properties daily.

Super Open House this Saturday and Sunday!

It’s a Super Open House this Saturday and Sunday  (October 22 and 23, 2011) throughout Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana!

An expected 2500+ open houses will available for tour this weekend. (Sibcy Cline’s agents have 588 open houses!)

With record-low interest rates and near-record home affordability, buyers can potentially save thousands of dollars. Renters should consider home ownership as their rent might be  more than the payment on a house. Move-up buyers can save money with a mortgage rate that’s lower than their current interest rate.

The forecast for this weekend  indicates sunny skies.

See a list of area open houses!

Sibcy Cline Ranked #1

Sibcy Cline Realtors is #1

Sibcy Cline Realtors was ranked on May 13, 2011 as the #1 real estate brokerage  by the Business Courier. With a 2010 home sales volume of $1.7 billion, Sibcy Cline Realtors remains the largest tri-state residential real estate firm.

Sibcy Cline is an independently run company with 1,350 sales agents and 200 employees working in 23 office locations found throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

The company is full service offering buyers and sellers one-stop shop assistance with real estate, mortgage, insurance, title and home services. Sibcy Cline is affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest relocation network in the U.S.