Why Have an Open House?

House key in the door
If your home is on the market to sell, your real estate agent may have asked for permission to hold a public open house to promote interest from buyers. Here is why open houses are a great idea:

The Internet is a great introduction, but you really need to see the house in person
Internet photos can give prospective buyers a good feel for your home, but an in-person tour can seal the deal for that potential buyer. Seeing your home in person, the buyer can start mentally moving in. Statistics from the National Association of Realtors find that nearly half of home buyers attend open houses and find them useful.

Promotion of the open house
Most open houses are promoted via the Internet and signs. Sibcy Cline’s web site averages 129,000 – 150,000 monthly open house results for buyers looking into open house information.

Neighbors at my open house?
Yes, your neighbors may end up stopping by your open house and that is a good thing. They may know of someone who wants to move into the neighborhood!

Strangers in my house
Your real estate agent will ask all visitors to sign in and register. N

Have a successful open house

  • Clean and de-clutter your home
  • Depersonalize photos, collections or anything that will distract buyers from looking at the features of your home
  • Empty medicine cabinets
  • Lock away jewelry, collectibles and personal papers
  • Do not attend your home’s open house – you will become a distraction to potential buyers
  • Take your pets with you when you leave

See more tips from Sibcy Cline’s Open House Ideas Pinterest board here.

Your agent will provide feedback on your home following this open house. If needed, you can make adjustments to your home based upon the comments. For example, if you have a bright, accent wall, feedback may encourage you to pull out a paint brush and tone it down.