Packing Tips for Moving Day When You Sell Your House

Boxes in front of empty shelves - moving concept
You sold your home – congratulations! Here are some tips about getting ready for moving day:

Before You Pack
Prior to placing your things in boxes, it is best to first have a plan of action. Will you be hiring movers? Or, are you moving your belongings yourself? If you are in charge of your packing, you will need to collect boxes.

Packing Boxes
Mark each box clearly on several sides with the room that the box is intended for (as well as what is in the box) so unpacking is more organized. If you have essentials for your new home (such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, tools and chargers), be sure to mark those boxes as “open first” and make sure they are the last boxes packed onto the truck.

Packing a Truck
If you are personally moving your belongings, larger (and heavier) items go into the truck first. That way nothing gets crushed.

Pack an Overnight Bag
You may not intend on being away from your belongings, but things happen. Be sure to have an overnight bag with essentials just in case.

Packing Liquids
Toiletries and other products that contain liquid should be packed with plastic (saran) wrap first with lids then placed on top to avoid leaks.

Packing Electronics
Before unplugging and packing your electronics, be sure to take a photo of where all the wires go.

Packing Lots of Boxes
You may want to want number your boxes if you have a lot of them. That way you can keep count of your belongings.

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