13 Things To Avoid When Selling Your Home

Mistakes to avoid when selling your home

When preparing your home to sell, you need to spend time and effort to get your home staged and updated to appeal to buyers. You want your home to stand out and shine among all other homes for sale.

Here are 13 mistakes to avoid when listing your home ready to sell:

1. Clinging to Clutter 
We know you love your stuff. It has meaning to you. Buyers, however, will not appreciate your things. Clutter makes it difficult for buyers to imagine their things in your home. You need to either throw things away, sell them or store items away offsite while your home is on the market.

2. Not Upping Your Homes Value with Updates
We are not talking about tackling major home projects, but updates such as a new backsplash in the kitchen, replacing faucets or light fixtures or simply repainting a room or two can add more appeal to your home.

3. You Have Blocked Light and Views 
If a piece of furniture is blocking a window in a room, you need to move it – especially if the outside view is attractive. Make rooms sunny and light filled by opening curtains and blinds.

4. Painting Only To Your Taste 
You loves the deep purple accent wall in your family room – but will others adore it like you do? Probably not. Walls should be painted in neutral colors with beige, grey or pale green tones.

5. Staying Emotionally Attached
Selling your home can be an emotional time, especially if you have spent many years enjoying it. When your home is for sale, you need to have a thick skin as others may not feel the same as you do about its features. Do not take criticism about your home personally.

6. Staying Home When Your Home Is Shown
When buyers tour your home it is awkward if you are in the home. They may not want to stay and see what your home has to offer. You need to leave for all showings.

7. Pets in the House
Take your pets with you when your home is shown. The buyer touring may have a fear or allergy of your pet and be turned off or even refuse to enter the home with the pet inside. (And remember, all pet food bowls and toys should be hidden away. Pet stains and odors also need to be addressed.)

8. Overdoing It With Decor
Staging a home to sell is different from decorating it. Accessories need to be kept to a minimum.

9. Not Neutralizing Your Personal Style
Your home needs to show in a neutral style to appeal to the masses. If you have a special collection or a room that was converted for a special hobby, you need to remove the objects and bring that room back to its original purpose. Think luxury hotel room or new home model.

10. You Do Not Have a Green Thumb
The front yard is the first thing people will see when entering the home. You need to make the landscaping look fresh and neat. Flowers and outdoor furniture add to the ambiance of an outdoor space.

11. Your Closets are Stuffed
Yes, buyers are going to check out your closets. They need to be de-cluttered and organized. The same goes for the bathroom and kitchen cupboards and pantry.

12. Putting Off Cleaning
If cleaning is not at the top of your list of things to do, it needs to be when you home is on the market. All things need to be put away. Dishes are to be washed. Beds should be nicely made. The kitchen and bathrooms are to be spotless.

13. Neglecting the Garage and Basement 
The garage needs to be clean and tidy. So does the basement.