Tips To Help Sell Your Home Fast

Tips to get your home sold

Selling a home is a big deal. Your goal is get it sold fast to move on with your life. Here are some tips to help:

  • Pricing Strategy
    By pricing your home correctly from the start, you will attract the most buyers and not become “an old listing” with a lowered price later. 
  • Stage it to Look Fabulous to Home Buyers
    Make your home appealing to as many potential buyers as possible by neutralizing non-traditional colors, showcasing furniture in an appealing way and de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home. 
  • Store Clutter and Depersonalize
    A large part of the staging process is de-cluttering your home so the buyer can see the potential of their furniture in your home. Your goal is to have half-empty, tidy closets. Remove family photos and other personal items. You want the buyer to look at the rooms – not your belongings and collections. Think “minimalism”. 
  • Empty Home?
    If you have no furniture, you may want to consider having a few rooms professionally staged. The power of staging is the buyers can see how their furniture will look in your home.
  • Repair Things
    Knock out all of the minor repairs like touch-up painting or repairing the weather stripping. You want your home to look in great shape.
  • Let in the Light
    Make your homes as light filled as possible. Open curtains and shades to let in natural light. 
  • Great Photos on the Internet
    Your first open house will actually be on the Internet. Interested buyers view homes first online before seeing the home in person. Photos of your home should be professionally shot, showcasing its finest features. (Note: Your Sibcy Cline Agent will use the services of our team of Sibcy Cline Professional Photographers who shoot as many photos as needed of your home.)
  • Hide Your Animals
    Your pets need to be incognito during the selling process. Not every one is a dog or cat lover.
  • Add Curb Appeal
    The first impression of your home will be the front yard! Make sure your home’s exterior looks welcoming. Clear dead leaves. Pressure wash the walkways. 
  • Use a Sibcy Cline Agent
    Your local agent knows the appeal of the area and the condition of the current real estate market.
  • Be Ready For Showings
    You need to be prepared for showing appointments at all times. This is a really difficult part of the selling process. Beds need to be made up neatly, there should be no garbage, dirty dishes or laundry for public view and the bathrooms and kitchen need to be spotless. Your home needs to be clean and welcoming at all times.

Seven Tips To Sell Your Home

Seven_HandsThinking of putting your home up for sale? Read our seven tips that should help it sell:

Do Repairs
Before you list your home be sure to make all of the repairs that your agent points out to you. If a buyer doesn’t catch an item, the home inspector will.

Clean It
Your home should have a deep cleaning before putting it on the market. A clean home looks well maintained.

No Clutter
While you are cleaning, be sure to get rid of any clutter. You want potential buyers to see your home, not your things.

Remove family photos or other items that might draw attention away from viewing your home.

Curb Appeal
During warm months, be sure the lawn is manicured and landscaping is maintained. Colorful flowers add appeal. In colder months, make sure all snow and ice is removed.
Read more about curb appeal here.

Use a Real Estate Agent
Statistically, homes sell more quickly and at a higher price when a real estate agent is involved. Your agent will provide the knowledge, marketing and negotiation skills needed to sell your home. He or she knows the local, current real estate market.

Staging Your Home
Staging a home makes it more appealing to buyers. This may entail scaling back on your furniture, repainting rooms or setting the scene in a room (i.e. dining room laid out for dinner.)

Need help with getting your home market ready? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend local vendors who can help you!


Four Smart Home Selling Tips for the Fall

We all know that spring and summer are typically the hottest seasons of the year for the real estate market. However, this doesn’t mean that deals can’t be made during the fall and winter, especially with September right around the corner.

For home sellers across the country, the fall can be the perfect time to list a home. This is due to several reasons, including:

  • More favorable mortgage rates
  • Less competition
  • Motivated buyers

In fact, sellers can use the fall to their advantage, assuming they know what buyers are looking for. Here are four home selling tips that will help any seller get their property noticed this fall:

  1. Capitalize on fall sensations
    The fall is a very sensational season, so to speak. From sights – foliage, warm autumn colors – to smells – baked goods, warm cider – the fall invokes “sense memory” which can affect emotional decision making. Sellers can capitalize on this phenomena by including some of fall’s classic sights and smells around the home. It could be as simple as baking a pie before an open house or decorating the outside to look like the quintessential fall home. Either way, the listing should invoke buyers’ memories of falls past.
  2. Fix up the property
    Winter is the worst season to make home repairs, and buyers in the fall have this coldest season bearing down on them. This can make many wary of homes with needed repairs, even if they are minor. For sellers, it is much better to make the home move-in ready, so fall buyers don’t have to worry about any issues through the winter. A home that is in great shape will likely sell faster than one that isn’t, especially in the fall.
  3. Find the right price
    The home’s price is incredibly important, no matter the season. However, the fall simply makes the right price that much more valuable. This is because the buyers in the market are there for a reason. They typically want to move fast, and they will move on from a listing if the price is just too high. While high prices can work in the hottest buying seasons, in the fall it is better to price competitively the first time around. This will help bring in more buyers and it will mean the listing stands out from the crowd.
  4. Focus on curb appeal
    Curb appeal is a must for any seller, but it is especially important in the fall. With the leaves, the turning foliage, the browner grass and even frost and ice, the fall can make it hard to get that picture-perfect curb appeal. Thankfully, it is possible. Sellers just have to be extra vigilant and treat their yard like it is still the summer. This may require a few extra lawn days during the week, but it will be worth it when the home sells.

While conventional wisdom says that home selling should take place in the spring and summer, this isn’t always the case. Now that it’s August, sellers are far from being locked out of the market. On the contrary, they can take advantage of the fall buying season, with less competition, more eager buyers and many other benefits.

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Easy Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Illustration of a creative tip symbol  on noble stone texture

Sometimes it’s the little things that count for making your home more appealing when getting it ready to sell on the market. Here are few ideas to consider:

USB Port Outlets 
Think about adding these type of outlets in the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.

No Popcorn Ceiling
Popcorn ceilings look dated. It’s time for them to go.

Make Space
Buyers desire uninterrupted flow of space. Can you remove any exposed posts or half walls?

Is Your Home Wired?
Update your wiring for the Internet and flat-screen televisions. Find a place for the wireless router.

Are hardwood floors in good shape? Is the carpet clean?

Make the Kitchen Larger
If you cannot knock out walls, then think illusion by adding mirrored back splashes and stainless steel to introduce light. No room for an island? Is there room for a rolling cart with pull-out shelves?

Clean the Garage and Basement
Power wash and/or paint the floor. Get rid of unneeded items.

Mow the grass and clean up the landscaping. Seasonal flowers (if the right time of year) add a nice touch

Is it outdated? Get rid of it.

Declutter everywhere including closets and pantries.

Shabby Furnishings?
Consider using ready-made slipcovers if your furniture looks tired.

Clean, Clean and Clean
Make all of the rooms shine, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

Make Your Bed
Your bed should have fresh linens and the bed needs to be made properly – daily.