Wall Street Journal Enjoys Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center


Are you interested in modern or contemporary architecture? A recent Wall Street Journal story reflected on the Midwest as the birthplace of modern architecture and included the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center as a sample of some of the region’s best examples. Read “An Architecture-Lover’s Road Trip” here.

About the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center
A Cincinnati Modern Arts Society was formed in 1939 and showcased modern art at the Cincinnati Art Museum. The name was changed in 1952 and a building was constructed in 1964 in downtown Cincinnati. The center’s newest location was built in 2003 by Zaha Hadid and was the first major US museum designed by a woman. The Lois and Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art has been called, “the best new building since the Cold War” by the NY Times.

Flickr Photo Courtesy of RK & Tina



October 4, 2013 Wall Street Journal – Luxury Portfolio International Features Sibcy Cline Listings


Be sure to pick up the local Wall Street Journal on Friday, October 4, 2013. The Mansions section of the publication will be featuring the latest Luxury Portfolio branded ad including three Sibcy Cline listings.

Sibcy Cline Realtors is the exclusive member of Luxury Portfolio International for Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. See all of Sibcy Cline’s listings featured on Luxury Portfolio’s website here.

Luxury Portfolio International is the luxury arm of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and promotes luxury, high-end listings worldwide.

Sibcy Cline Realtors features qualifying properties priced $750,000+ on the website. These listings receive further exposure to the worldwide high-end consumer.

Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Portfolio listings:

  • 15,000 average monthly views to property detail pages
  • Views from 123 foreign countries
  • Views from 50 U.S. States
  • Translation of listing detail information into eight foreign languages
  • Conversion of listing price information into 15 foreign currencies








Sibcy Cline Luxury Homes Ad in the Wall Street Journal

05.24.13 Sibcy-Ohio

Be sure to pick up a Wall Street Journal on Friday, May 24, 2013. Sibcy Cline has a full-page ad in the mansions section of the Ohio regional version of this newspaper. This advertisement promotes 30 of Sibcy Cline’s higher-end, Luxury Portfolio International properties.

Luxury Portfolio International is the luxury face of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, the largest global network of independent real estate companies. Sibcy Cline is a long-time member of this organization and a selected partner with Luxury Portfolio.

Sibcy Cline’s high-end, luxury listings are promoted on the Luxury Portfolio website which is marketed to high-end consumers worldwide. Sibcy Cline’s listings average 50,000 property impressions monthly on this website. View all of Sibcy Cline’s Luxury Portfolio listings here.

Luxury Portfolio International markets over 25,000 homes annually with an average price over $2.5 million. Properties viewed on the website can be converted into multiple foreign languages and currencies. The site has visits from over 200 countries monthly.

Photos Count When Selling Your Home


Per a recent Wall Street Journal article, Old Dominion University researchers tracked eye movement of people while viewing listed homes online. Their research found that the main exterior photo of a listed home is very important: “…Subjects who looked at online home listings found that more than 95% of users viewed the first photo – the one that shows the exterior of the home – for a total of 20 seconds. After that, their eyes tended to flit all over the screen…”

Continues the article, “Without an eye-catching photo, the battle is lost before it begins…You have to grab people’s attention within two seconds…”

What do potential home-buyers look at following a home’s exterior?

  • 76% of viewers looked at the listing’s details such as room sizes and number of bedrooms and baths, per this report.
  • 45% of viewers did not look at the remarks at all. Agent remarks about the home (its description) were ignored when written in ALL CAPS or had too many adjectives. 

How do online viewers spend their time looking at homes?

  • 60% – Viewing photos
  • 20% – Property details (room sizes) 
  • 20% – Agent remarks about the home 

Viewing a Listing Detail Page
Viewers look at a listing detail page in a “Z” pattern: top left to top right and then down in small “z” patterns. After reaching the bottom of the page, the viewer then scans up the right side.

Sibcy Cline’s listing detail page features its listings’ photos prominently on the top left side of the page. Details and remarks are easy to scan. An average viewer on www.sibcycline.com spends 10 minutes looking at homes. For many of Sibcy Cline’s listings, photographs can be “super sized” so rooms can be studied in detail on a monitor.

Read the report: “Toward an Understanding of Real Estate Homebuyer Internet Search Behavior: An Application of Ocular Tracking Technology” by Old Dominion University here.