When is the Best Time To Sell Your Home?

Have you ever thought about what time of year is best for selling a home? Each season brings different pros and cons. We have broken down the real estate seasons for you:

Historically, spring is the best time to sell. It’s warm and buyers will be out looking for a new home. Statistically, studies show homes that sell during May bring in the highest amount and sell the fastest. Think about it – for those with school-aged children – May is when the school year is coming to a close and is a perfect time to make that move. Plus, springtime shows off homes very well. Plants are emerging and the grass is green. Curb appeal is at its best.

Negatives about selling during spring? There really are not any. There will be more competition of homes available for sale, but there are also more buyers during this time.

The warmer months of summer can be a “hot” time to sell your home. Anyone with children may be focused on getting into that new home before the new school term begins in August or September. Those types of buyers may have competitive offers for your home!

The negative about selling during summer is “vacation”. Some potential buyers may be away enjoying their holiday instead of looking at homes to buy.

The fall season usually has fewer homes for sale as well as fewer buyers. However, with current market conditions of not enough homes for sale, those spring and summer home buyers could still be waiting for your home to come on the market. Also, COVID-19 kept many people inside during the spring and summer. That has caused pent-up demand for homes for the fall season. Remember, there may be fewer people in the market to buy during fall, but they will be more motivated to make an offer.

The cons of selling during autumn? Fall is not as nice weather wise and the curb appeal of your home will not be at its peak. You’ll need to stay on top of raking dropping leaves as well as replace summer flowers with fall versions.

Don’t worry if you are planning on selling your home in the winter season. It may be cold and blustery, but the home buyers who come to view our home are usually not tire kickers. They want to buy! They are determined to find a home now and not wait until spring. Winter tends to have fewer homes for sale and that can work in your favor. Again, with the current tight inventory of homes for sale, some buyers may be waiting until this time to purchase when there is less competition to purchase a home. And, if the months of January and February have mild weather conditions, this can encourage people to get out early for that home buying and selling season.

The negatives about selling your home during winter? If it snows, you will need to maintain a cleared driveway and sidewalks. It is also best to keep holiday decor to a minimum – buyers need to be focused on your home’s features and not excessive holiday trimmings. Outside features such as a deck, patio or pool will not look their best. Perhaps have photos of these spaces from warmer months available for prospective buyers to see.

As you can see, each season has its pros and cons when selling a home. When are you planning to sell? Be sure to connect with your favorite Sibcy Cline agent and discuss what is the best strategy for you!