Five Reasons to Work with a Real Estate Agent

You’re thinking of buying or selling a home. Do you really need to work with a real estate agent? Yes, you do! Here is why…

Knowledge – Reason 1
Buying or selling a home is one of the largest purchases you will make. This type of financial decision should not be made alone. A real estate agent has knowledge of the local market as a community expert, and is familiar with all of the details of the home buying and selling processes. From getting a home ready for market, pricing a property for sale, researching comparable properties or negotiating a sales contract, your sales agent has the skill set needed to get you through a myriad of details involved in a real estate sale. Plus your agent will be up-to-date on real estate laws which have to be obeyed.

Experience – Reason 2
You will probably personally experience buying or selling a home only a few times during your life – depending upon the number of times you move. A real estate agent’s daily life is spent working with buyers and sellers and looking at properties. Agents have access to the most up-to-date information of recent real estate sales.

Your agent will help you to determine the correct price to sell your home or what kind of offer should be made when buying a home.

If you’re selling a home, your agent will provide effective ways to market it and give your home maximum exposure. From photography, open houses, working professional connections to using social media, your agent will be diligent in vetting buyers and getting your home sold.

Communication – Reason 3
Part of your agent’s job is to stay in touch with you throughout the buying and selling process. He or she is there to manage expectations and minimize surprises.

Your agent will serve as “your voice” when conveying concerns to a buyer or seller. By speaking for you through a tough transaction, your agent can smooth over any issues that could lead to a turn off or kill a deal. Your agent will know what is fair with conditions and contracts.

Keep in mind that many times agents are working for their clients seven days a week, including evenings. There’s not many professions that do that! They make themselves available to their clients to answer questions that may arise.

Negotiations – Reason 4
Your real estate agent will know the ropes when it comes time for negotiation. Multiple offers on a home may be the norm in a seller’s market. You want to have a strong negotiator on your side when it comes time to writing or countering a sales contract.

A real estate agent is paid on commission which is not earned until closing. Your agent has a vested interest in keeping the selling process going all the way to the closing table.

Therapy – Reason 5
Buying or selling a home can be taxing on the nerves. Your agent will listen to your concerns. He or she will calm you when you have a home inspection that did not go as expected. Your agent will also be there to celebrate the good times with you – and take satisfaction in helping you sell an old home and finding a new one.

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