Home Gyms Get You Moving


Can you imagine having a basketball court in your home? This home gym was featured in this summer’s Homearama and certainly has the “wow” factor!

Although you may not want such a large work-out space in your home, an exercise area is a great convenience. Simply roll out of bed, head to the exercise room and work out.

FitnessRoom Gym2
Here are some ideas to consider when creating a home gym:

Consider how much space you have and your workout requirements for the type of equipment you will need to purchase.

  • You may need to opt for either a treadmill or an elliptical, but not both.
  • Free weights come in various sizes and can be stored in many ways.
  • Remember, a resistance band (that takes up very little space) might work so you do not have to stock on too many weights.

Many people like to have a television on hand to watch while doing a cardio activity. A wall-mounted monitor can be space efficient.

If the work-out area is small, a wall-of-mirrors can double the look of the room.

Floor Surfaces
If you plan on doing floor exercises, consider the shock absorbency of that floor. Gym-style flooring can provide that needed cushion to save your joints from painful impact. See samples here. (Or use a portable mat.)

Want more inspiration for your home gym?
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