Blink Cincinnati Light Show is Happening October 12-15, 2017


Don’t forget to blink! Blink, an exciting (and new) Cincinnati festival, is happening October 12-15, 2017. This light and art show will feature 60+ interactive art sculptures, large-scale projection mapping and murals and other light displays from the Cincinnati Banks heading north to Findlay Market. Light shows are positioned along the streetcar route.


  • October 12-15, 2017 from 7pm – 12am
  • Food and drinks available from 6pm – 12am
  • Best way to get around? The streetcar! ($2 for a full day) Or, rent a Red Bike, Or, walk the 20 city blocks.
  • Cost? Free! The only venue that has a charge is the Architects of Air.
  • Timing? Light shows are from 3-10 minutes and on a continuous loop.

Event Guide
Here is a detailed map of all of the venues. There are 21 light projection sites.

Some Highlights…

Architects of Air Luminarium – Washington Park
For $5 you can experience domes and paths. This venue is open 10:30am – 6:30pm.

Future City Spectacular Parade!
Enjoy the Blink Parade at 7pm on Thursday, October 12, 2017. See over 2,500 illuminated people as they walk along Vine Street from Findlay Market to Washington Park. Cincinnati’s Bootsy Collins and his wife, Patti, are the grand marshals.

Live Performances
Live entertainment is part of the fun of experiencing Blink. There will be stages set up at the Freedom Center, Fountain Square, St. Xavier Church lot, the Charley Harper Mural, Findlay Market at W. Elder Street and at 1674 Central Parkway.  See the schedule here.

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Successfully Sell Your Home This Fall

Old street lamp in the park at autumn. Toned image.Is fall the right time to sell your home? Yes, it is! Given the demand for homes in today’s market, you’re still likely to generate a lot of interest from would-be buyers.

There is a different approach to selling in the fall because the real estate market traditionally changes from its summer buying patterns. Here are ways to make your home stand out from the crowd when selling during the fall season:

Appeal to the Fall Buyer
One of the biggest things to keep in mind at this time of year is the most likely demographics for buyers will be either a younger millennial and people who are looking for a change after their own kids moved out. People with school-aged children are not as motivated to buy a home in autumn since their kids are already settled in at school.

Highlighting the kinds of home features that will appeal to your likely buyers may be a good way to market your home. Home office space, a guest bedroom or even easy access to local attractions are features that millennials and empty nesters will be drawn towards.

Photos of Your Home
For marketing purposes schedule your home to be photographed while the autumn leaves are still on trees and the light is still strong during the day. This can really make a house feel warm and homey – and is much better than the dim, thinner light that comes along in early winter. Brown grass just does not look as nice as a green lawn.

In addition, your home’s staged decor should reflect the season. Pumpkins and gourds nicely displayed on a front porch look welcoming. Light fall interior decor also adds a nice touch. Create a cozy (yet uncluttered) atmosphere. See our Fall Decorating Ideas Pinterest board for ideas.

Highlight What’s Nice
Entice fall home buyers by showcasing your home’s high-efficiency heating system and automated thermostat (that also improves efficiency with easier controls). A little expenditure on weather stripping or a new thermostat can really help to wow prospective buyers.

Make your home brighter for open houses (which might not always be easy given how gray some fall days can be.) Add mirrors and install brighter light bulbs to help your home from feeling dark and dreary. Be sure to keep lights on and open the drapes for showing appointments.

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Sibcy Cline Realtors is Honored as a 2017 Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100 Recipient

Sibcy Cline Realtors has been ranked on the Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100  list among the largest privately owned companies in the Cincinnati area. This is the 21st time Sibcy Cline has made the list and was the only local real estate broker among the top 100 for this year.

Says Frank Leggio, Partner and leader of Cincinnati’s Growth Enterprise Services practice, Deloitte & Touche LLP, “The companies ranked on the 2017 Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100 continue to serve as a strong foundation for our local economy. Thanks to their strong business practices and ability to drive and sustain performance, these innovative, entrepreneurial businesses continue to grow, strengthening an already thriving local business climate.”

Overall, 2017 Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100 companies generate more than $36 billion in sales and employ nearly 107,000 people.

About 2017 Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100
The Deloitte Cincinnati USA is an annual ranking and recognition of the largest, privately held companies in the greater Cincinnati area. The list rank the top 100 companies by sales, as determined by  voluntarily submitted questionnaire form. In order to be eligible for the Deloitte Cincinnati USA 100, companies must be privately held and headquartered in the 18-county tristate area.

August Home Sales Report – Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana

HomeSales_August2017.jpgMany homes are selling quickly due to low inventories of homes for sale. Mortgage interest rates remain low. Here are the sales statistics for August 2017 for Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana:

The Cincinnati region enjoyed setting a record for 15 consecutive months for increased average sale price!

August 2017 vs August 2016

  • -.61% Decrease in homes sold (2,610 homes vs 2,626)
  • 8.48% Increase in average sale price ($210,00 vs $193,868)
  • 12.58% Increase in median sale price ($170,000 vs $151,000)
  • 7.81% Increase in gross sales volume ($548,883,303 vs $509,097,422)

January – August 2017 vs January – August 2016

  • .2 % Increase in homes sold (17,776 homes vs 17,740)
  • 6.59% Increase in average sale price ($202.902 vs $190,366)
  • 7.95% Increase in median sale price ($163,000 vs $151,000)
  • 6.8% Increase in sales volume ($3,606,792,639 vs $3,377,091,173)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors August 2017 Home Sales Report


August 2017 vs August 2016

  • -.74% Decrease in homes sold (1,606 homes vs 1,618)
  • 10.92% Increase in average sale price ($162,235 vs $146,261)
  • 11.36% Increase in median sale price ($139,200 vs $125,000)
  • 10.10% Increase in sales volume ($260,548,765 vs $236,650,202)

August – July 2017 vs January – August 2016

  • 1.86% Increase in homes sold (10,910 homes vs 10,711)
  • 5.96% Increase in average sale price ($134,000 vs $126,900)
  • 5.59% Increase in median sale price ($134,000 vs $126,900)
  • 7.93% Increase in sales volume ($1,4699,577,954 vs $1,574,682,921)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Area Board of Realtors August 2017 Home Sales Report

Northern Kentucky

August 2017 vs August 2016

  • -4.53% Decrease in homes sold (653 homes vs 684)
  • -4.36% Decrease in average sale price ($182,987 vs $191,326)
  • 1.27% Increase in median sale price ($160,000 vs $158,000)
  • -8.69% Decrease in sales volume ($119,490,533 vs $130,867,134)

January – August 2017 vs January – August 2016

  • 3.06% Increase in homes sold (4,821 homes vs  4,678)
  • 2.50% Increase in average sale price ($180,361 vs $179,956)
  • 3.29% Increase in median sale price ($157,000 vs $152,000)
  • 5.64% Increase in sales volume ($869,524,447 vs$823,122,265)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors August 2017 Home Sales Report

Southeastern Indiana
Southeastern Indiana had an uptick in home sales for August!

August 2017 vs August 2016

  • 12.8% Increase in homes sold (123 homes vs 109 homes)
  • 9.9% Increase in average sale price ($174,328 vs $158,565)
  • 14.2% Increase in median sale price ($159,900 vs $140,000)
  • 24.1% Increase in sales volume ($21,442,297 vs $17,283,518)

January – August 2017 vs January – August 2016

  • 3.8% Increase in homes sold (813 homes vs 783 home)
  • 4.1% Increase in average sale price ($157,335 vs $151,208)
  • 1.1% Increase in median sale price ($140,500 vs $139,000)
  • 8.0% Increase in sales volume ($127,913,336 vs $118,395,991)

Statistics courtesy of Rick McMillin – Southeast Indiana Association of Realtors Home Sales Report, August 1, 2017

Look at homes for sale in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn

Raking_Lawn_Leaves.jpgSummer has gone and autumn has arrived. It’s time to get your home ready for upcoming colder months. Here are some tips to use when getting your home prepared for fall:

Landscape and Garden
In addition to raking leaves, autumn is the time to clean out your garden. (Look at this interesting hack for raking using cardboard!):

Your lawn should be aerated, fertilized and reseeded (if needed). Perennials may need to be covered to protect them from winter elements. Fall is the time to plant most spring bulbs.

Be sure to turn off outside water spigots for winter to prevent frozen pipes. Store landscaping hoses inside.

Have a pool? Now is the time to close it for the season.

Patio furniture and cushions show be stored.

Detectors for your Home
Before you turn on the heat and use the fireplace, fall is the perfect time to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries.

Heating System
Having your heating system serviced during fall will ensure you do not have a problem and lose heat during winter. Be sure to change air filters. If you have a humidifier, it’s time to clean and replace its filter, too.

Be sure to re-program your thermostat to a lower temperature at night and when you are not at home.

Fireplace and Chimney
The chimney should be cleaned by a professional. Check the damper to make sure it is closed to prevent drafts.


Energy Efficiency
Check around your home to make sure it is well insulated with no cracks or other places for heat to escape. It’s also time to invest in thermal curtains (also called black-out curtains) to keep your home warm. If you have drafts under any doors, think about getting purchasing door draft stoppers. Doors and windows may need new weatherstripping.

New windows may be on your list for autumn. Newer windows not only look great, but offer substantial energy savings.

Is your attic insulated? If not, consider having some added to avoid heat loss.

When mowing season is over, be sure to empty and clean your lawnmower.

Roof and Gutters
Visually inspect your roof. If there are loose or damaged shingles, you will need to replace them.

When all leaves have all dropped have the gutters cleared to avoid water or ice build up.


Ceiling Fans
Run your ceiling fans in a clockwise direction in fall and winter. This will cause an updraft and force warm air down from the ceiling.

Home Decor
It’s time to pull out the blankets and warmer duvets. If you have flannel sheets, now is the time to place them on your bed.

Cozy throws in the family room or bedroom are another nice addition for fall.

Need help with your fall home projects?
Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend vetted service vendors to you!


Cincinnati Women’s Council of Realtors is Hosting a Fashion Show on October 18, 2017

fashion show flyer

The Cincinnati Area Women’s Council of Realtors is hosting their 23rd annual fashion show on Wednesday, October 18, 2017. This fun show will be held at Receptions Banquet Center in Loveland, Ohio. The event is called “Giving is Gold” and will benefit the Freestore Foodbank.

Fellow agents (men and women) will be strutting the runway modeling fashions from T.J. Maxx.

Raffle baskets full of all kinds of goodies will go to some lucky winners that night. Those who bring deodorant and feminine hygiene products can earn two raffle basket tickets per donation (up to five items.)

Tickets are $40 pre-sold ($50 at the door) or $350 for a table of ten. Get your tickets here.
WOmensCouncilof Realtors
About the Cincinnati Women’s Council of Realtors
This network of REALTORS advances women as professionals and leaders in business, the real estate industry and the communities they serve. Men are also encouraged to be members.

Local Haunted Houses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Dayton 2017

Spooky old derelict houseLove to scream? Go to a local haunted house in October! Here is our list of regional haunted houses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Dayton for 2017:

Northern Kentucky

USS Nightmare

101 Riverboat Row in Northern Kentucky
The 30-minute tour on a steamboat has 2 very scary levels

mayhemmansionThe Mayhem Mansion
13966 DeCoursey Pike, Morning View, Kentucky 41063
A very spooky home. Come if you dare.

The Farm House
 (Benton Farms)
11896 Old Lexington Pike in Walton
This 1901 house is a documented haunted house!

Southeastern Indiana

Fear Factory Haunted House

7  S. Eastern Ave in Batesville, Indiana
This house was rated #5 in Indiana! Their website has lots of scary pics so be prepared to be frightened! This house benefits the Cierra’s Club.

Horror Hike

45 E. Eads Parkway in Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Half-mile trails take you into the woods. Watch out!


Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Avenue (45248)
Promoted as Cincinnati’s scariest haunted house! The site has been known to be haunted. (Their website is pretty scary!)

Land of Illusion

8762 Thomas Road in Middletown
This haunted scream park has 4 haunted houses and 1 trail.

Halloween Haunt

Kings Island in Mason
6300 Kings Island Drive, Mason, Ohio 45040
Scare zones include a backwoods bayou, cemetery drive, freak street and nightmare alley.

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall

7700 Seward Avenue (45231)
House, 5 tents, a back yard and a giant vortex. This is the oldest continuously running haunted attraction in the area!

FrightField.pngHighway 50 Fright Field
11294 Highway 50, North Bend, Ohio
Travel a haunted trail into haunted woods and back…


Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride

1261 W. Dalton Road in Wilmington
Enjoy (??) a haunted bus ride through a forest of monsters and more. And there’s more: nightmare penitentiary, slaughter hotel and terror in the corn!

Horror Acres

6995 Springfield Jamestown Rd in Springfield
This haunted attraction has won a lot of “best of’s”…Best Queue Line Entertainer, Best Freddy Krueger, etc…


Lewisburg Haunted Cave
4392 Swishers Mill Road, Lewisburg, Ohio
Be prepared to get scared 80 feet below the ground in a limestone cave!

Brimstone Haunt
472 Brimstone Road, Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Hayride and forgotten forest!

If haunted houses are not your thing, take a look at homes in the area for sale!