Tour Cincinnati Art Museum via Google


Disclaimer: Clicking on links in this article may result in long periods of enjoying some the world’s greatest artists and their works from the comfort of your home or office. Neither the author or provider of this article take any responsibility for any length or depth of distraction to which this path may lead. 

This disclaimer felt necessary after the “research” for this article led down a very similar path to the one described above. The Google Cultural Institute is a compilation of exhibits and collections of all kinds from museums around the world and Cincinnati’s rich art heritage has been added to the collection.

Users can now take “virtual” tours through the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Cincinnati Museum Center. In addition to the tour function, users can also view high-definition images of a museum’s collection, which are enhanced with the ability to zoom in to amazing details like brush strokes, texture and the subtle crackling of paint over time. It’s quite an amazing experience to zoom into The Starry Night and see the detailed brush strokes and depth in each section of the canvas. Wow!

You can also create your own galleries containing your favorite works from around the world. A little Vincent van Gogh here, a little Claude Monet there, and some Frank Duveneck for some local flavor.

The diversity of the collection ranges from classic oil paintings to modern street art from around the world. Explore local treasures and international wonders via Google Cultural Institute, but don’t blame me if you get lost in a museum or collection for hours on end. Enjoy!


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