Add Color To Your Home – No Painting the Walls

White sofa with colorful decorThinking of adding color to the rooms of your home, but do not want to paint? No problem! Just add color to your home’s accessories.

Vivid artwork can add splashes of color to your walls and the room. A large piece of art will brighten a room right away. If you are hanging a piece of art over a fireplace, it is best to find one that is approximately the same width as the fireplace opening. Art hung over a couch or another piece of furniture should not be wider than the furniture’s width and optimally should be about 75% of the width of the furniture. (The artwork will look more cohesive if you follow these rules.)


Pillows and blankets are easy ways to inject color into a room.


The right-colored rug can look fabulous by bringing the room together as well as add texture. Keep 12 inches of wood around the perimeter of a rug. Larger rugs look better than smaller ones.

Lamps, vases and tchochkes are others ways to add color to a room. Collections look best in threes. Less is more.

A fresh bouquet of flowers adds temporary color to a room.

Here is a Sibcy Cline Pinterest board to help with inspiration.

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