Tips for Home Buyers

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Thinking about buying a home? Here are some tips to read and heed:

Make a list of priorities of your “must haves” for your home.

Do research into a home’s background. Learn about its average utility costs. Discover if there is major construction planned near the home in the near future. Find out what the taxes are on the home.

Will the home be sufficient for your needs for the next five years? You do not want to have remorse about your purchase.

Will your car fit into the garage? If the home is older, garage space may be limited.

Do not fall in love with all of the bells and whistles that a home offers such as a granite kitchen or a renovated master bath. Remember, cosmetic changes can always be made in the future to your home. Buy what you cannot change: location, light, size and views.

When you purchase a home, think like a seller. What would you have to do to the home to get it sold.

Different Times of Day
Look at the home you are interested in at different times of day and on varying days of the week. You will get a good feel for traffic patterns as well as the feel of the neighborhood. Drive around the neighborhood to see how others are maintaining their homes.

Home Owner’s Association
Check into the home owner’s association and how it is operated financially.

Don’t Get Too Attached Too Soon
When making an offer, keep your emotions checked, as many things can happen to come between you and the home you want.

Your Agent
Your real estate agent is an important factor throughout the home-buying process. Let that person’s knowledge and experience help you. From looking at homes, to writing an offer, to negotiation of the contract, to the closing table, your agent will help you stay level headed.


1 thought on “Tips for Home Buyers

  1. When it comes to any investment, especially a home, it’s always best to research and shop around before deciding on any option. In my opinion, this can keep you protected and your costs low over time. Thanks for sharing your tips!


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