What Home Buyers Should Keep in Mind about the Fall Real Estate Market

Buying a house during the fall seasonMany experts say autumn is actually the best time to shop for a home. With fewer people in the market looking to buy and some home sellers anxious to sell, this season creates a higher probability for someone to find and buy a home.

Home sellers in the fall tend to be serious. They are more likely to provide a little more wiggle room to get a deal done expediently, especially if they’re looking to sell before the end of the year.

Other Benefits
In addition to the fact that actually buying a home often becomes easier, there are other serious benefits of buying home in the fall season. For instance, mortgage companies are more likely to turn around the approval process quickly because they aren’t as busy with applications at this time of year. The same may also be true with moving companies and other businesses that are involved with real estate.

What to Look Out For
It’s important for buyers to work with their agents and determine what course of action when viewing homes and making offers to purchase. You may be looking at homes that have been on the market for a while and expecting a deal. Although you may think there may be price reductions with such homes, but there may be very good reasons why previously listed homes didn’t sell in the summer. (A prior pending sale on the home could have fallen through, for example.) Also keep in mind there will be newly listed homes coming to market during the fall season. Keep an open mind about homes and how many days they have been on the market for sale.

Working Together
Motivated sellers and motivated buyers often make a great team when it comes to getting a home sale completed as quickly and easily as possible. It’s important to work closely with your agent during the sale process. Real estate agents have the knowledge and experience in dealing with the local market and they’ll be able to let you know exactly what does or does not constitute a good deal, and how to move quickly through a sale so you can begin putting down roots.

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Sibcy Cline Super Open House Weekend is September 15 and 16, 2018

Sibcy Cline Super Open House WeekendSibcy Cline Realtors is hosting a Super Open House Weekend on September 15 and 16, 2018.  There will be some great homes for sale that will be held open for public viewing. Look at homes for sale here.

The weather outlook is positive for Saturday and Sunday with little chance of rain. The Bengals are not playing a football game on Sunday. It’s going to be a super time to look at some super homes for sale!

Starter Home Buyer? Start Now!

Starter Home BuyerStarter homes are always popular due to the higher number of possible home buyers who want to buy them. Due to their smaller size, these properties usually have lower prices and may be perfect for those looking to keep costs down. With the demand for them so great, starter homes typically spend very little time on the market and often attract multiple offers.

The Time To Buy a Starter Home is Now
Now could be the best time to buy that starter home. Home values are on the rise and interest rates have been slowly rising. You could afford more home now than in the near future. A starter-home search might take some time due to the high demand for homes, but if you can lock into a mortgage rate now, you will also likely get a much better rate than someone who waits six or more months.

Talk To Your Agent
It’s always wise to talk to a real estate professional about housing options based on where you are looking to live, what you can afford, and your long-term homeownership plans. Your agent will be able to give you the benefit of years of experience and help you make the most-informed decision possible about purchasing your first home.

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Smart-Home Technology – What Homeowners Want

Smart Phone Smart Home TechnologyIn today’s digital world we are connected to technology like never before. The day of using “the clapper(clap on, clap off) to turn lights off is over. Devices now allow us to control so many things in our homes – from thermostats to garage doors to slow cookers.

The convenience of a smart home is appealing to many home buyers. A recent survey reveals interesting insights about smart-home technology and what homeowners want.

Desired Smart-Home-Features
A survey published by the National Association of Realtors indicated while most homeowners (82 percent) are not asking real estate agents about smart homes, they are still very interested. Buyers want smart-home functions to provide them with these top benefits:

  • Security (81% deem this “very important” or “somewhat important”)
  • Privacy (75%)
  • Energy savings (78%)
  • Cost savings (77%)
  • Comfort (71%)

While homeowners are intrigued by the possibilities that smart products can provide, fewer than 50 percent could name even the most popular products such as Nest thermostats or tools offered by well-known brands like Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Products of Interest
While there are many smart products currently available and more coming to market each day. Here are some techie conveniences that are of interest:

Smart Locks
Smart locks do far more than let you in and out of your home. Today’s smart locks allow you to monitor who entering your home while you are away. Some models let you assign access privileges to friends, family members, contractors or others.

Many smart locks include a mobile or web app that lets you lock and unlock doors remotely a from a mobile device or computer. These apps allow you to set access privileges and some provide for voice activation or geofencing, which lets you set a perimeter that, when detected, locks or unlocks automatically.

Smart Lights
Homeowners can replace a basic incandescent light bulb with a smart, LED-equipped bulb controllable by smart phone, tablet or computer. These bulbs come in a standard white light or can change colors or brightness on the fly. Light beams can be dispersed broadly like a traditional bulb or narrowed to provide a focused beam. Bulbs can be scheduled to save on energy costs and brighten up the home when you arrive.

There are also devices that control your home’s outdoor lights. This would be very convenient during the holidays if you like to decorate with lights.

Smart Thermostats
One of the most popular early technologies, the smart thermostat, offers a lot of other good options for homeowners. Like smart lights, they help conserve energy by scheduling temperature changes for when homes are occupied. While some only control heating and cooling, modern models also manage ventilation and dehumidification systems. Others can analyze the habits of house usage and recommend settings to lower energy costs further.

Given that so many home buyers are still unaware of smart-home possibilities, giving them information is one of the most valuable things a real estate agent can do to help create even more value in their homes.

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Eight One Three Broadway Condominiums in Downtown Cincinnati are Ready for Preview

May 19-20, 2018 – Sibcy Cline Super Open House Weekend!

Sibcy Cline Super Open House WeekendThe weekend of May 19-20, 2018 is going to be a great one for home buyers: it’s a Sibcy Cline Super Open House Weekend. Look for may Sibcy Cline listed properties to be held open for preview. Mark your calendar now!

Look at homes for sale throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana.

How to Get Ready to Buy Your First Home

花火8When preparing to buy a home, it’s important for buyers to work with a real estate professional who can advise the best possible strategies for getting a mortgage and finding an affordable home. This partnership can make the real estate sales process go a lot more smoothly.

Perhaps the most important part of getting into the housing market for the first time is to do as much homework as possible before diving in. That means first determining what homes in a given area are selling for, and what that cost would mean in terms of monthly mortgage payments, mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance, property taxes and so on. Closing costs should also be considered.

A Strong Financial Profile
Buyers not only need to have savings available to make a sizable down payment, but  have the ability to afford the long-term cost of a home on an ongoing basis. Having a strong credit score will not only result in a good rating and unlock mortgage availability, but will also bring down mortgage rates (and thus the cost of a home.)

Additionally, larger down payments will reduce the principal of the loan. When buyers combine a high down payment (preferably in excess of 20 percent) along with good credit, they may position themselves to save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their loans.

Keep in Mind
When trying to determine how much home buyers can afford, they should try to remember a few basic rules of thumb about housing costs. Generally speaking, experts advise that a mortgage payment should not cost more than one quarter of one’s monthly income. While there may be a little bit of wiggle room here, this is a good anchor point at which to set expectations for affordability.

Of course, some home buyers may have their sights set on properties that are more expensive than they can currently afford, especially with the way prices are rising in today’s market. This simply means they will need to put in more work to improve their credit score (to get a better rate) or put more into savings (to increase the size of a down payment).

Working with a real estate professional will help buyers truly understand what they should be looking for in the market and how they can best approach their home-buying efforts.

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