How To Make Small Rooms Look Larger

living room
When buyers are looking at rooms in homes, they are thinking about where their furnishings and belongings will go. Here are 10 tips on how to make the rooms in your home look larger:

1. Multifunction
When purchasing furniture think multifunction. Use an ottoman that offers storage space and can serve as a coffee table. Another idea is to use a console table that stores items on top, inside drawers and below.

2. Mirrors
An oversized mirror is a great way to make a room look larger. A mirror that reflects an entryway brings in natural light. Mirrored furniture also look nice.

3. Folding Furniture
Look for furniture pieces, such as dining room tables, that can fold down and save space.

4. Monochromatic Tones
Painting walls, trim and other detailing shades of one color can help to make a room appear to be larger.

5. Let the Light In
Leave windows bare with no drapes. By letting the outside in, the eye is tricked into thinking the room is larger. (If you require drapes, use sheer white ones.)

6. Furniture Selection
Use just a few large-scaled pieces of furniture instead of lots of smaller pieces. Also, furniture with raised legs make a room look more airy.

7. Ceilings
Dark ceilings create depth, pull the eye up and create an illusion of height!

8. Arrangement of Your Things
Group items by color and height. This streamlines clutter.

9. Decorative Storage Boxes
Storage boxes streamline clutter.

10. Custom-Cut Rugs
If you have area rugs, consider having them custom cut to fit around odd spaces (such as fireplaces.) This will make the room look more cohesive.

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