Choosing the Right Furnace Filter for Your Home

The importance of a fresh furnace filter cannot be overstated, and choosing the right one for your home is also crucial.

To choose the right furnace filter, research your options. Purchasing the correct filter is important, because they affect both air quality and the cost of heating the home. Oftentimes better (thicker) filters keep harmful particles out of your home but sometimes the thicker filters decrease the energy efficiency of the unit. On the flip side, homeowners who are more concerned with efficiency may be able to purchase less dense filters on a more frequent basis in order to balance clean are and efficiency. Base your filter choice by determining your priorities. Below are brief descriptions of some of the furnace filter types available to homeowners:

  • Disposable pleated: This sort of filter is a popular choice. It is relatively affordable and effectively blocks small particles. However, it has to be changed often and may actually hinder air flow, which could make heating more expensive.
  • Disposable fiberglass: This option is also inexpensive and the go-to option for many homeowners. This sort of filter is more than serviceable. Particularly, for homeowners without asthma or allergies. Fiberglass allows for more efficient airflow, but typically doesn’t block the smallest particles.
  • Disposable electrostatic: These filters are made of material that actually attracts small particles and catches them, making them solid choices for homeowners seeking clean air. However, they can be expensive to replace, especially for furnaces requiring custom sizes.
  • Permanent electrostatic: Similar to the filters described above, these products are washable, which means there’s no need to spend money replacing them regularly. However, they are less effective than the disposable variety. Similar to disposable electrostatic options, the permanent sort is also quite expensive if you need a custom size.

These are some of the more popular furnace filter options. Consider your needs in terms of air quality and filter size, among other things, to choose the right one for your home.

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