Selling Your Home? Hide Your Pets!

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If your home is for sale, you have probably tackled cleaning, de-cluttering and staging. But, have you thought about what to do with Fido and Kitty?

Many people enjoy pets, but when they tour your home, these potential buyers do not want to see (or smell) them. Your goal, therefore, is to make your pets disappear while selling.

Pet Tips

  • Have a showing? Take your pets with you out of the house. People get nervous around strange animals and your pets may be aggressive with strangers.
  • Vacuum daily. Get rid of all animal hair on the floors and furniture.
  • Accidents? Pets have accidents from time to time. You need to find any spots and clean and deodorize them.
  • Temporary Relocation. If your pet is aggressive, you many need to consider a temporary “home” at a relative’s house or in a kennel while your home is for sale. (You may not be available to remove the pet for all showings.)
  • Hide the Bowls. Be sure to hide the pet food bowls, treats, toys, leashes and pet beds. Remember, you do not want people to be concerned about your pet.

Want some more pet tips? See the MSN article here about pets and selling a home here.

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