Signs You Are Ready to Purchase a Home

Couple_HouseCloudYou have been thinking of buying a home, but have held off. Here are some signs that may indicate you are ready to buy and own a home:

Saving Money
A good sign you are ready to buy a home is the fact you are saving money for a downpayment. Perhaps you have created a budget and are sticking to it so you can save as much as possible.

Met with a Loan Officer
Another good sign that you are ready to buy a home is when you have met with a mortgage loan officer to become pre-approved for a loan.

Thinking About the Kind of Home You Want
Whether a condominium or a detached home, you have been putting lots of thought into the type of home you want. You may have also done a little research into where you prefer to live. These are great signs that you are serious about buying a home.

You Really Know What You Want
You know you are serious about a home when you know exactly what you want to buy. You may have a list of the number of bedrooms and baths needed as well as floor-plan style.

You Know the Difference Between Need and Want
A large sign you are close to purchasing a home is the fact you know you probably will not get everything you want when you buy a home. Granite might be on your “want” list, but you are willing to settle for a kitchen with different countertops. Your expectations are tempered with reality.

Buying a home is a very exciting time. It is enjoyable to see homes on the market and the different floor plans and amenities. You will get to know your real estate agent while that person works with you at showings, creating a sales contract, negotiations and closing.

The last sign will be the SOLD sign in the yard of your new home!

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