Buy A Home…Now in Winter!


It’s winter (and it feels like it with such low temperatures) and you are tempted to stay inside all warm and toasty. But, we would like to suggest if you have been thinking about purchasing a home, now is a great time to buy now instead of waiting until the spring market. Here is why:

Home Price Increases
Prices of homes are projected to increase throughout 2017. By waiting, the home you could afford now will become more and more expensive as its price rises. And, if you purchase that home now, you will get to enjoy the home’s appreciation in value.

Owning Home = Creating Wealth
If you are paying rent, you are contributing towards your landlord’s wealth. The Fed has reported that the net worth of the average home owner is 30 times greater than a renter’s. See an article about this here and here.

Buy Low and Sell High
Take advantage of today’s real estate market by purchasing a home at its lower price (and mortgage interest rate) and then selling it when it is worth more in the future.

Information Courtesy of The KCM Blog

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