Seven Tips To Sell Your Home

Seven_HandsThinking of putting your home up for sale? Read our seven tips that should help it sell:

Do Repairs
Before you list your home be sure to make all of the repairs that your agent points out to you. If a buyer doesn’t catch an item, the home inspector will.

Clean It
Your home should have a deep cleaning before putting it on the market. A clean home looks well maintained.

No Clutter
While you are cleaning, be sure to get rid of any clutter. You want potential buyers to see your home, not your things.

Remove family photos or other items that might draw attention away from viewing your home.

Curb Appeal
During warm months, be sure the lawn is manicured and landscaping is maintained. Colorful flowers add appeal. In colder months, make sure all snow and ice is removed.
Read more about curb appeal here.

Use a Real Estate Agent
Statistically, homes sell more quickly and at a higher price when a real estate agent is involved. Your agent will provide the knowledge, marketing and negotiation skills needed to sell your home. He or she knows the local, current real estate market.

Staging Your Home
Staging a home makes it more appealing to buyers. This may entail scaling back on your furniture, repainting rooms or setting the scene in a room (i.e. dining room laid out for dinner.)

Need help with getting your home market ready? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend local vendors who can help you!


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